Brilliant! Love it. Very professional. Made me feel very comfortable. Very polite.

J.W. Self Employed - ArtistLeicestershire

Friendly, kind, a good cup of tea. Helpful. Easy access. Always feel welcomed. Happy with my tax repayment. Good atmosphere. Very helpful. It was a scary experience with HMRC. I feel I know what I’m doing.

C.E Sole Trader - Ballet DancerLeicestershire

Easy. Do what I ask you to do. You keep it simple. I’m more than happy with the service I receive. Always on the end of the phone to help. Sort out any uncertainty with Inland Revenue.

J.R. Director - ElectricianLeicestershire

Helpful, good feedback, even though the books are already processed you are aware of my business. Team are always courteous whether on phone or in person. The business is inspiring.

K.W. Self Employed - Cleaning and MaintenanceLeicestershire

Very happy, give you a 100% for how well you work with us. Professional but more than an accountant, a business advisor, you go the extra mile. You are more than the accountant, its important to have that back up – you work like a friend, like family.

G.H Director- Game DevelopmentKidderminster

Quite a happy team, great attitude, all have smiles on faces. Advice has sunk in – all gone in. I understand what I’ve done, what I should have done, what I shouldn’t have done. Feel apprehensive about the future but looking to receiving more good advice.

S.H Indivdual - Learning Aids for Childrenleicestershire

Do a cracking job, good cup of coffee. Friendly, is great.

P.V Director - ServiceLeicestershire

No problems. Friendly lot.

N.C Sole Trader - Driving InstructorLeicestershire

Always polite and efficient. Fast at getting back to me. Always get a warm welcome.

M.R Sole Trader - GardenerLeicestershire

Friendly. Always get an appointment. A person is always at the end of the phone. Always very polite and offer a drink. Everything is explained clearly.

S.S. Partnership - Property Rental BusinessLeicestershire

Very pleasant staff. Everythings explained in layman’s terms. Happy with what you do for me. Everyone is very nice to me whether on phone, email or in person.

I.M. Self Employed - RetailLeicestershire

Very helpful, very accommodating. Makes things easy. Explains things well in layman’s terms.

P.C. Self Employed in the Construction IndustryLeicestershire

Relaxed, really nice atmosphere, genuinely put at ease, lovely environment, all pleasant, just like talking to your brother or sister, a relative, just well known. All pleasant. Ecstatic with refund.

A.F Sole Trader - Health and Safety TrainerLeicestershire

Very good. Spends time with me. Time is not an issue. Doesn’t rush you out of the door. Good information and answers all the questions asked. Very good overall. Excellent.

J.A. Self Employed PlumberLeicestershire

Very easy to work with. Efficient. Always on the end of the phone if I have a query. Very reasonable price wise.

D.H. Self Employed Mechanic Leicestershire

Very happy with the service I receive. You do everything for me. I do nothing myself. I’ve got no worries at all. Everything is sorted for me. You can always get hold of someone and receive good advice quickly. Very happy

I.L. Director - HGV DriverLeicestershire

Very efficient, simple to understand

R.F. Director - Retail Product Sourcing Leicestershire

Always upbeat, jolly. You can have a laugh. Absolutely fine team.

M.M. Self Employed - Driving InstructorLeicestershire

Much friendlier than previous accountants. Pleasant when meeting. Monthly standing order is great. Lovely and really friendly staff either in person or on the phone. Phone answered straight away. Always have a laugh.

D.L. Partnership - Car Repairs Leicestershire

Always found everything  perfectly acceptable. Always happy to recommend you. Always pleasant helpful, if don’t know answer find out fairly quickly. If they say they are going to return a call they do, unlike some companies!

C.Y Sole Trader - Driving InstructorLeicestershire

Very informative, good communication skills, no queries in recommending you. Friendly atmosphere. Fantastic Team. Very helpful and nothing seems to be too much trouble. 10 out of 10, 5 stars.

D.M. LandlordLeicestershire

No nonsense and straight to the point. Gets the job done. Very polite team, always welcoming and eager to please.

M.R. Self Employed - GardenerLeicestershire

Very good, Always been good service. Very pleased.

T.W. Self Employed - Second Hand Car RetailerLeicestershire

Faultless, you’ve never given me any grief. Always done the books, always give me something back.

A.M Sole Trader - ConstructionLeicestershire

Very good, handy, like a small business they know their stuff, quite happy to help. All friendly. Andrew is nice, perfectly friendly on the phone. Different completely to previous accountant, not big company. Perfectly happy.

D.C Sole Trader - Car mechanic

I make a phone call and you give me all the advice straight away. That’s just what you want. All friendly. You reply to me as soon as you get the information.

L.G. - Director - Retail of JCB PartsEast Midlands

All very polite on the phone, all very nice. Very different to the people I normally ring. Extremely helpful, I came to you with a massive problem, you put my mind at ease and were really helpful. Good price as well. Felt a great deal of trust as soon as I walked through the door. Feels very one on one. Makes it a lot easier. Not rushed out the door.

D.H Sole Trader - Construction

Absolutely brilliant, perfect. It’s dead easy, it’s simple. I don’t have to do a lot. I like that! No complaints at all.

D.H Sole Trader - Car mechanicLeicestershire

Friendly, easy going and speaks plain English.

T.H. Partnership - CafeLeicestershire

Do what’s required. Quick turnaround. No problems. Efficient.

A.L. Self Employed BuilderWarwickshire

Received an excellent service. I never have to wait very long to receive information. Approachable, efficient and quick responses. It’s great to be able to get an answer. Somewhere else I found I never could. Tone of emails are great as you understand what’s going on.

H.J. Self Employed - Hair & Beauty SalonWarwickshire

Excellent, great, friendly, clear, concise plain speaking.

G.B Sole Trader - RetailLeicestershire

Good very relieved at the small amount of tax to pay quite happy. Very friendly welcoming, couldn’t fault it

J.N Indivdual - Property RentalLeicestershire

10 out of 10. Can’t fault you. Gave me the time I wanted to meet up. It’s all very easy.

J.C Sole Trader - Hair DresserLeicestershire

Understanding and go the extra mile to help. Easy to understand and explanations are clear. Very good staff, very pleasant, helpful, welcoming and a good cup of coffee. Saved me a lot on my tax and can trust them.

G.W. Self Employed Courier DriverLeicestershire

Friendly and approachable. Clear explanations and precise. Worth listening to the explanations as ignoring the advice can be costly. Everyone speaks to me. Professional organisation. Immediately feel part of the organisation. Made to feel very welcome.

M.S. Self Employed - Training Warwickshire

Good friendly service, easy to get hold of. Does what it says on the tin!

D.P Sole trader - Music TeacherLeicestershire

Friendly, informative. Atmosphere is nice. It’s a personal atmosphere and makes us feel important.

T.S. Self Employed - Air Conditioning ServicesLeicestershire

Efficient, all right for me, not problems. Easy to get on with and you make it easy for me. It’s NOT Double Dutch. You’re friendly and break it down for me.

N.H Indivdual - ConstructionLeicestershire

Excellent, can’t fault you for anything. Always good on the phone.

M.A Sole Trader - BuilderLeicestershire

Very good, easy going. Approachable, flexible and professional. A good company and nice coffee and cream cakes!

S.W. Self Employed - Maintenance ServiceWhetstone, Leicestershire

I’ve got your number on my phone! Staff are very polite. Nice easy and straightforward. Always looked after. Don’t really have to do a lot, which I like.

S.C. Self Employed WelderLeicestershire

Easy to get hold of. Quick responses. Speak plain English. Always explains things easily to me. If I don’t get it you explain things in a different way so I do get it.

S.R. Self Employed - PreschoolLeicestershire

Easy and approachable. Lots of skilled advice. Teas always on the go! Like the fact that you walk straight into the office, no reception desk.

M.F Director - Music TeacherLeicestershire

Very friendly, always relaxed. Ring up and ask any questions. Professional and “down to earth”. Checks to make sure everything is okay. Explain issues well. Reliable and consistent. Engaged in the local community.

R.G. Property Rental Leicestershire

Wonderful, helpful with tax. Made things simple so I can understand it as it’s important to me. Charming with cup of tea when I walk through the door. Very friendly team.

J.M. Self Employed Hair & Beauty SalonLeicestershire

Very helpful, very friendly, take away all my worries. Nice to be known as a person not a number.

P.B Director - ArchitectLeicestershire

Welcoming, friendly staff and pretty easy going. If I have any questions you can answer them. Easy to understand everything we talk about. Happy with the service.

C.P. Director - Retail of Equestrian MerchandiseLeicestershire

Very friendly and always approachable. Good team atmosphere and dedicated to the job. Professional outlook. Reliable, Easy to work with. Whenever I phone up I can just get advice. I feel you always have time. Whenever I ask a question you will go away and find an answer. This is very personalised. Come back to me when you say you will. You make me feel like you’re MY PERSONAL ACCOUNTANT, just like you’re working for ME. Not just a warm office but a warm heart. A nice cup of tea as well.

T.J. Director - Auto IndustryPlymouth

Really good. Warm. Not typical accountancy. Always offer me a drink. Polite. Know what they can do for you.

I.S. Director - Retail Leicestershire

What I like is the the friendly approach. Don’t feel like a statistic. Feel like I’m being looked after on a personal level. Go out of your way so that you fit into my time frame.

J.S. Director - Online RetailLeicestershire

Brilliant. Can’t fault anything. Always pleasant. Ask a question and get the right answer. Feel like I’ve known them for years. Under no pressure to sign and go away. Always ask if I would like a drink.

K.G. Partnership - Laundrette Leicester

When I ring up they are always friendly, courteous and give an answer quickly. Really good friendly service. Like the fact that they are not so big. Not left out in the cold, like just a number.

D.P. Self Employed Music TeacherLeicestershire

Good, quick response. Don’t tend to need too much. Clearly explained.

E.J Sole Trader - Health and BeautyWarwickshire

Helpful, professional, courteous. Spot on really. Easy to deal with and local. Just come in when we want. Friendly and always offer me a cup of coffee. Just come in if you have a problem. There is no fear of meeting “The Accountant” and they speak plain English. Easy to ask any questions.

R.L. Partnership - Travel AgentLeicestershire

Very good, I look forward to our chats, I really do. Some people are really hard to talk to but you’re so easy to talk to. Very polite, kind and a happy team.

P.H Indivdual - HGV DriverLeicestershire

10 out of 10. Can’t fault you. Gave me the time I wanted to meet up. It’s all very easy.
J.C Sole Trader - Hair DresserLeicestershire

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