DMU Intern Becomes New Assistant Accountant

16 Mar 10 – Glen Patterson, Managing Director of Custom Enterprises Limited, is pleased to announce the appointment of Claire Smith as the new assistant accountant. Claire will be taking this position as of the 11th January 2010. Claire has been training for this position since September along side her duties of putting all processes in place for the implementation of ISO9001:2008. Claire was chosen for this position due to her knowledge of accounting and finance which she learnt at De Montfort University. After a few months of training, hard work and overtime Claire was given the offer to join the team as a full time member once her internship ended. Glen Patterson, Managing Director of Custom Enterprises Limited commented “Claire has worked very hard these past few months and shown a lot of promise as to the brilliant assistant accountant she will become. I am very proud to have Claire as part of the team.”
Quite a happy team, great attitude, all have smiles on faces. Advice has sunk in – all gone in. I understand what I’ve done, what I should have done, what I shouldn’t have done. Feel apprehensive about the future but looking to receiving more good advice.
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