Careers at Custom Enterprises Ltd

Here at Custom Enterprises Ltd we value each individual, their aspirations and how they would like to make a difference within our business. We offer a friendly supportive environment that encourages each person to be the best that that can be.

Our approach towards individuals and their goals has been recognised many times resulting in multiple awards.

From placement experience through to fully qualified Accountants the career and experience we offer is second to none. If you would like an enjoyable working environment in which you learn to excel while often laughing then contact us at once.

We can definitely guarantee a great place to work and learn. Also your confidence and professionalism will continue to grow.

If we are the type of company you are looking to join then send a covering letter with your curriculum vitae to us as we look forward to meeting you.

Contact us today to see if there’s an opportunity for you.

Absolutely brilliant, perfect. It’s dead easy, it’s simple. I don’t have to do a lot. I like that! No complaints at all.
D.H Sole Trader - Car mechanicLeicestershire
Excellent, great, friendly, clear, concise plain speaking.
G.B Sole Trader - RetailLeicestershire
Helpful, good feedback, even though the books are already processed you are aware of my business. Team are always courteous whether on phone or in person. The business is inspiring.
K.W. Self Employed - Cleaning and MaintenanceLeicestershire
Friendly, kind, a good cup of tea. Helpful. Easy access. Always feel welcomed. Happy with my tax repayment. Good atmosphere. Very helpful. It was a scary experience with HMRC. I feel I know what I’m doing.
C.E Sole Trader - Ballet DancerLeicestershire
Brilliant! Love it. Very professional. Made me feel very comfortable. Very polite.
J.W. Self Employed - ArtistLeicestershire
Very good, handy, like a small business they know their stuff, quite happy to help. All friendly. Andrew is nice, perfectly friendly on the phone. Different completely to previous accountant, not big company. Perfectly happy.
D.C Sole Trader - Car mechanic
Very happy with the service I receive. You do everything for me. I do nothing myself. I’ve got no worries at all. Everything is sorted for me. You can always get hold of someone and receive good advice quickly. Very happy
I.L. Director - HGV DriverLeicestershire
Quite a happy team, great attitude, all have smiles on faces. Advice has sunk in – all gone in. I understand what I’ve done, what I should have done, what I shouldn’t have done. Feel apprehensive about the future but looking to receiving more good advice.
S.H Indivdual - Learning Aids for Childrenleicestershire
Very good, easy going. Approachable, flexible and professional. A good company and nice coffee and cream cakes!
S.W. Self Employed - Maintenance ServiceWhetstone, Leicestershire
What I like is the the friendly approach. Don’t feel like a statistic. Feel like I’m being looked after on a personal level. Go out of your way so that you fit into my time frame.
J.S. Director - Online RetailLeicestershire

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Tel: 01455 233 733
Fax: 01455 210 012
Address: 8 Regent Court, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0AD

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